As a professional matchmaker with the Kherson Girls agency, Nellie makes the process of finding a lifelong love much easier with her personalized help and support. “Clients come to our agency and become good friends,” she said. “I have stayed in contact with many of them as they have children and start their families.”

Nellie is a caring and friendly matchmaker employed by Kherson Girls

Nellie acts as a go-between at first, showing women their client’s picture and seeing who’s interested. If they believe they have found a mutual match, they can arrange a meeting in the woman’s hometown in the Ukraine. The company handles all transportation and accommodations for the foreign visit. They even offer an interpreter on the first date.

The Kherson Girls team works closely with single men from around the world. They offer practical guidance, including advice on how to date Ukrainian women, to give their clients the best chance at successfully starting an international romance.

Once the relationship has been established, the Kherson Girls team also assists with the bureaucratic side of the business. They help prepare the necessary documents, inform both clients about the law, and help them become settled in their new lives together. Nellie said she often follows up with former clients to see how they’re doing.

Nellie finds great joy in being an internationally focused matchmaker. “It’s my vocation,” she said, smiling. “I’m very proud and happy to help people to meet one another through Kherson Girls.”

Kherson Girls is a small but robust matchmaking agency in the Ukraine. As a professional matchmaker, Nellie partners with American men to help them find the one for them in a database of over 1,000 women. One such man was Jerry Petru.

Jerry Petru has worked in cybersecurity for over 30 years, so he knows how to spot a fake. However, when he started online dating in 2015, he let his guard down and opened his heart. He joined a well-known general dating site because he thought he’d have the best chance of finding love on a popular platform known for fostering relationships.

He met and courted three women during his short stint on the dating site — all three of the women turned out to be married. Jerry couldn’t believe the dishonesty of people on the site, so he looked for an option where his potential matches would be screened and verified as single and marriage-minded.

That’s how he came into contact with Kherson Girls. He reached out to them in September 2015 asking for more information about the membership and matching process. Nellie got in touch right away and helped him understand what he could expect from the women on this site and what would be expected of him along the way.

“She was able to help and guide me,” Jerry said. “I’d tried a number of dating sites in the States, and none of them provided the same level of service.”

After a few months of preparation, Jerry traveled to the Ukraine and met the woman of his dreams.

Jerry and Alyona bonded over their shared family values and relationship goals. Now the couple is happily married and living together in a rural area in Washington.

Jerry Petru met and married his Ukrainian bride in 2015

Choosing someone to settle down with is an important decision. You have to be careful to select the right person, which can be difficult when faced with date prospects who lie and create fake online profiles. Jerry felt frustrated by the superficial and deceptive online dating scene in the US, so he turned to Kherson Girls for help and met a Ukrainian woman to be his bride.

Jerry would never have been able to meet Alyona without the hands-on assistance of the matchmaking team. These international dating experts gave him advice throughout the process and handled the paperwork and logistics so he could focus on the romance.

Jerry and Alyona are just one of many couples who found each other through Kherson Girls. Nellie has spent the last 15 years watching similar love stories blossom before her eyes.

“I trusted her to help me find my lady,” Jerry said. “Nellie did her job, and we’re very happy because of it.”

Kherson Girls stands by the quality of women in its club, which is free for local women to join and learn English. As part of its contract with American clients, Kherson Girls promises a full refund if any of the women on their site provided false information about themselves or their intentions. The matchmaking company does all it can to foster a safe and friendly international dating experience for everyone involved.

“The men and women who join the agency have the intention to get married,” Nellie explained. “Ukrainian ladies are family-oriented with strong family values and traditional views.”

“You will not find a more honest and caring agency in Kherson,” said one client in a testimonial. “With the help of Nellie’s matchmaking skills, this relationship worked immediately and is getting stronger every day.”